Book Covers

Ned produced cover art and many full color plates and black-and-white drawings for interior illustrations. Among the most frequent house publishers that comissioned his works are Donald Grant Books and Underwood-Miller.


Ned started to sculpt in 2000’s mainly working with bronze statues, sculpting figures such as Apollo, Bacchant, Caryatic, the Hippocampus, Neptune, Olmec and Osiris among others.

The Dark Tower – Remarques

In July of 2009, artist Ned Dameron announced he would be doing remarques in twenty-one copies of the Grant first edition of The Waste Lands. Over a period of about 18 months, Dameron (who produced the original illustrations for the book) released these for sale via eBay.  Each remarque was numbered and signed by the artist. Besides these 21 copies, Ned …