Stephen King Ilustrations

Ned contributed with artwork to different books by Stephen King such as The Talisman or The Dark Tower: The Waste Lands. His last work for him were illustrations for the upcoming limited edition of The Stand, to be published by Cemetery Dance late 2022.


Ned did stand-alone and series of remarques in different of the books he illustrated, including an exclusive 21-copies series of Stephen King’s The Waste Lands.

Book Covers

Ned produced cover art and many full color plates and black-and-white drawings for interior illustrations. Among the most frequent house publishers that comissioned his works are Donald Grant Books and Underwood-Miller.



Ned started to sculpt in 2000’s mainly working with bronze statues, sculpting figures such as Apollo, Bacchant, Caryatic, the Hippocampus, Neptune, Olmec and Osiris among others.

Personal Visions

Preliminary Sketches